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Cold Galv 101

When many people look at Cold Galvanizing Compound they simply think that it is silver paint, but that’s not the case. This week our Gear Experts® are here to talk about what cold galv is and a few other cold galv related topics.

What is Cold Galvanizing Compound?

  Cold galvanizing compound (cold galv for short) is a single component zinc coating that is used to protect bare steel from rust and corrosion. It is applied like paint, but it’s not paint. It actually gives the same protection as hot dipped galvanizing and it also makes painting a tower easier.

How Does Cold Galv Work?

  Cold galvanizing compound acts as an active coupling to the bare steel parent metal to form an electrolytic bond. In the presence of an electrolyte (aka moisture) the zinc dust in the cold galv will sacrifice itself to protect the steel.

What Surface Prep is Required Before Applying Cold Galvanizing Compound?

  The surface has to be clean, dry, steel. We recommend using a wire brush to remove any rust or other corrosion that may be on the steel. This needs to be done on the entire area that will be covered in cold galv. Also, you want to be sure to remove any chemicals, dirt, grease, grime, or any other impurities that could affect the application.

How Do I Apply Cold Galv?

  This is where cold galv and paint have something in common. It can be applied just like paint – it can be rolled on, brushed, or even thinned down and used in a sprayer. There are also aerosol versions available.

What Do Different Percentages of Zinc Content Offer?

  The higher the zinc content, the better you’re protected. Since the zinc bonds to the steel to form that protective layer, the more zinc that can bond, the more moisture the zinc can prevent from reaching the steel.

If It’s Very Cold or Humid Can I Still Apply Cold Galvanizing Compound?

  Typically, yes. Cold Galv can be applied in a lot of different environments. However, we always recommend that you check the manufacturer specifications for your particular brand just to be sure. Extra humid weather can actually intensify the reaction process and speed up the drying process.

Cold Galv Shipping

  Cold Galv can only be shipped ground or LTL. That also means that we can only ship Cold Galvanizing Compound within the contiguous 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). The government does not allow it in the air system, so it can’t be on a plane, which means no international shipments and no overnight shipments. The reason for this is due to is category 3 classification as a flammable liquid. For more information on our shipping policies, click here. Looking for more information on Cold Galv? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®! **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used. →Click here to check out our selection of Cold Galvanizing Compound. →Click here to check out our selection of Tower Paint

Cold Galv 101: The Video


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