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Synthetic Stainless Rope from Pelican Rope

  When it comes to jobs that require rope - like climbing, lifting, or rigging, the rope you use is important. Our Gear Experts® are going to cover the revolutionary synthetic stainless rope from our friends at Pelican Rope.  

Not All Ropes Are Created Equal

  Wire ropes like the Galvanized Wire Rope from Weisner are great products. But, sometimes wire rope can be too heavy and doesn’t have the flexibility needed to make it feasible to use on the job site. That’s where the new S-12 Synthetic Stainless Rope from Pelican Rope comes in. The S-12 provides a unique alternative to traditional heavy and hard to handle wire ropes.  

Pelican Rope S-12 Synthetic Stainless Rope

    As its name suggests, this extremely durable and strong rope is an excellent replacement for traditional steel wire rope. The S-12 is a single braid construction of the rope. And, the synthetic stainless steel rope is actually stronger than the heavy, difficult to work with, 7x19 stainless steel wire rope. One of the biggest benefits of this synthetic rope is that it is incredibly lightweight. In fact, it is so light that it floats. Don’t let the lightness of the rope fool you though. It is also incredibly strong and has a break strength of 19,500 pounds which is significantly higher than the same diameter stainless steel wire ropes with an MBS of only 12,000 pounds.  

Rope Construction

  So, what exactly is the rope made of? It is constructed with proprietary Honeywell spectra fiber that has been enhanced with Pelican Rope’s S-12 urethane coating. Another benefit of the construction is that it is hydrophobic – meaning it doesn’t absorb water. Additionally, it will not corrode and has great chemical and abrasion resistance. Lastly, it features impressive flex fatigue and can maintain strength in freezing temperatures.  

Rope Uses

  Because of the unique construction of the S-12 Synthetic Stainless Rope, it is an ideal replacement for traditional stainless steel ropes in a variety of applications. Some of those applications include mooring lines, inland marine barge lines, rigging lines, utility pulling lines, and winch lines. If you’ve got questions or need more information about the S-12 Synthetic Stainless Rope from Pelican Rope, simply contact our Gear Experts®.   **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.   → Click here to check out the Pelican Rope S-12 Synthetic Stainless Rope → Click here to check out our full selection of gear from Pelican Rope → Click here to check out our full selection of rope  

Synthetic Stainless Rope from Pelican Rope: The Video



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