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Arborist Saddle Comparison

Arborist saffle comparison   As an arborist, your saddle is your best friend. Not only do you have to trust it with your life, but you have to work in it for hours at a time. Because you rely on it so much, choosing the right one is a big decision. And, like with most fall protection equipment, you have to find that perfect balance between features and what will fit within your budget. Our Gear Experts® are going to show you what you can get on a tight budget and what features to look for if you’ve got a little extra to spend on some upgrades.  

Three Saddles

  Everyone’s budget is a little bit different and everyone’s preferences are a little bit different, too. So, we’ve picked three different harnesses with various price points and features to help you find the best arborist saddle for you. Those saddles are: the Buckingham Floating Dee, the Sherrilltree Puma, and the Petzl Sequoia.  

The Buckingham Floating Dee

  Buckingham floating dee   When you hear or think “budget-friendly” your initial might include cheaply built, uncomfortable,  and lacking features. But, the Buckingham Floating Dee will surprise you. It may be a budget harness, but it’s packed with features that aren’t commonly associated with “budget”. It’s simple and lightweight. It features a heavy-duty cotton reinforced webbing to provide a sufficient amount of padding. And, the free-floating d-ring helps you achieve better positioning. It features three d-rings, several accessory clips and rings on each side, and tongue buckle leg and waist adjustments. One of it’s most unique features is that it supports the wearer with a single strap instead of individual leg straps. This single strap kind of works like a suspension work seat which adds some additional comfort. Cost: $139.99 | Shop Now  

The Sherrilltree Puma

  Sherrilltree Puma   This harness includes many additional features for a minor jump in price. It features a rope bridge made from Samson Ropes. This rope bridge provides far easier user customization for connectors and devices. The Sherrilltree Puma also features individual leg straps which include thick mesh padding for long-term comfort. The mesh padding on the leg straps is also built into the waist strap. The waist strap also includes more accessory clips than the Buckingham Floating Dee. This full-featured harness is a fantastic value. Cost: $279.99 | Shop Now  

The Petzl Sequoia

  Petzl Sequoia   The Petzl Sequoia is a premium grade harness. It comes in two different options for single or double rope ascent techniques and features all of the bells and whistles a serious tree climber would want. It features an extra-wide semi-rigid waist belt and leg straps for superior comfort. It also features fast automatic buckles for quick and easy donning with or without gloves. The attachment bridge is linked by two gated rings which allow you to not only customize the length of the bridge but also provide far more flexibility with any accessories you might want to use. It’s jam-packed with accessory loops so you can be sure to carry everything you need. Plus there are dedicated retainers for Petzl’s Caritool Tool Holders. Cost: $439.95 | Shop Now Finding a saddle that keeps you safe, provides comfort, and can handle everything you need is an important part of helping you stay productive on the job. If you’ve got more questions about finding the right saddle, or you need helping to find any other gear, our Gear Experts® are here to help. → Click here to see the Buckingham Floating Dee → Click here to see the Sherrilltree Puma → Click here to see the Petzl Sequoia → Click here to see our full selection of arborist saddles → Click here to see our full selection of arborist gear **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.  

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