Taking care of your ropes is something that doesn’t take much time out of your day, but can save a ton of money. Plus, it helps ensure safety while working. You never want to take your rope for granted!

 Rope Cross Section

Between jobs, be sure to store your rope correctly. Using rope bags is the best way to protect rope from getting dirty, and UV damage. Rope that sits out in the sun can have decreased strength and flexibility. Not good.


While on the tower, always keep rope away from sharp objects. If rubbing the rope over an edge is unavoidable, always use some sort of edge protection. Just a little nick in rope can lead to failure, either in the long-term or even immediately. Also, if you're doing any welding, be sure your ropes are protected from the heat and sparks.


Before each use, inspect your rope! We’ve gone over the process before. Check for breaks, cuts, fraying, discoloration, or melted and hard spots.

 Sterling Rope Wash - GME Supply

Also, it’s good to clean your rope periodically. Depending on how much use your rope gets, it could be once a month, it could be every couple years. Regardless, washing will help remove any dirt or grime that’s worked its way into the rope, which decreases strength. There are a number of different techniques to do this. Check with the manufacturer of your rope for specific instructions. Sterling Rope has a specially formulated rope wash solution that’s designed to keep your rope clean, without affecting the strength.  


With the summer coming, you may need some new pulling rope to fly some sectors. Check out the popular double braid from Pelican in the video below.