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Product Spotlight: Narda RadMan 2XT RF Monitor

Introducing the all-new Radman 2XT RF Monitor 5G Monitor from GME Supply   5G is finally here. Telecom crews around the world are gearing up to start installing 5G equipment. And, with new equipment, there are new hazards to be aware of. As North America’s Premier Outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment, and gear for at-height workers, it’s part of our mission to make sure we have the gear you need to stay safe on the job.  

A True 5G RF Monitor

  The wait for a true 5G RF monitor is finally over. The RadMan 2XT RF Monitor from Narda is an affordable RF detection solution. Broadcasting, telecommunications, and radar antennas are all sources of electromagnetic hazards. That means technicians must be trained on those hazards. They must also be provided with equipment to monitor and avoid overexposure. For more information on RF fundamentals, our Gear Experts broke down RF in a previous blog post.  

The Narda RadMan 2XT RF Monitor

  The RadMan 2XT features isotropic sensors for both the E and H Fields. That means it measures both electrical and magnetic radiation omnidirectionally. This powerful device features one of the widest detectable frequency ranges available. The E Field frequency ranges from 900kHz to 60 GHz while the H Field is capable of 27MHz to 1GH. No other monitor covers all current and planned 5G frequencies with isotropic sensors for both E and H Fields at this price point. In fact, this combination of features makes the RadMan the best option for body-worn RF detection on the market.  

Jam-Packed with Features

  We mentioned body-worn above. This device can securely attach to a worker’s harness. It also provides a highly detectable warning signal when permissible exposure levels are reached. The Field exposure level is indicated by the six LED lights on the device. When alerting of dangerous levels, the device emits flashing lights, noticeable vibrations, and a loud tone that you can’t miss. Percentages of levels are displayed on the screen on the front of the device. They are part of a “shaped response”. This means the technician can tell, at a glance, the level of RF that they’re being exposed to in relation to the FCC’s approved permissible exposure levels. The shaped response makes it easier for workers to take the protective measures they’ve been trained to use. Simply put, the device does the math for the technician.  


  When you’re climbing up a tower or working on a roof, size and weight matter. The build of the RadMan 2XT RF Monitor is compact and light. It weighs an incredible 0.4 pounds and is only 6.5 inches long. The small size doesn’t sacrifice capabilities, though. The battery can pump out 800 hours of monitoring (depending on the alarm settings). And, the quick charge feature gives you 8 hours of detection time from a 5-minute charge. The included RF absorber reduces the signal reflection caused by the body of the device giving you more accurate and dependable protection. Plus, it can be released from the attachment with one hand allowing you to determine the Field exposure away from your body. An elastic tether is also included with the device to prevent it from being dropped.  

Self-Testing & Memory

  Thanks to the newly developed automatic senor test, the sensors receive a correct function test every time the device is turned on – providing additional assurance. And, the RadMan 2XT RF Monitor saves the exposure values for the E and H Fields continuously. It even goes a step further and adds a timestamp to each data set. The device can save up to 100,000 events and with the RadMan2-TS software, data can easily be transferred to a computer via USB for reporting. If you have any questions about RF Safety or the Narda RadMan 2XT RF Monitor, click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®. → Click here to see the Narda RadMan 2XT RF Monitor → Click here to see everything from Narda → Click here to see our RF training course from Safety LMS → Click here to read our RF 101 blog post → Click here or use the player below to listen to our RF Safety podcast episode   **The content of this blog is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any equipment is used.  

Narda RadMan 2XT RF Monitor: The Video



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