On a daily basis, you use quite a few different pieces of safety gear. We’ve talked harnesses, lanyards, bags, and SRLs before… but there are quite a few accessories, some that aren’t necessarily safety gear, which can make your work easier. These are some popular items that you can add on to your climbing kit.


The T-Reign is an open-top protective case with a retractable tether. It’s perfect for keeping two-way radios, RF monitors like the fieldSENSE, cell phones or small cameras within hands reach. Check out the video above to see it in action.

Next up are Ergodyne’s Squids Grabbers. These versatile little devices are commonly used to hang on to gloves when you’re not using them, but they can hold pretty much anything. Chill-Its towels, hats, rags, and more. They come in two different designs, so check out the video to decide which is best for you.


Finally, the DBI Sala Suspension Trauma Safety Straps. Suspension trauma is a serious risk if a worker falls and is hanging in the harness. The pressure of the harnesses leg straps can cause blood to pool in the veins in the legs, which can result in unconsciousness. It’s a condition that can occur quickly, so prompt rescue is required. Luckily, the Suspension Trauma Straps allow a worker to stand up in the harness to relieve pressure from their legs. Watch Jim demonstrate them in our video.


Go check out all our harness accessories to fill out your climbing kit, and make your work easier.