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Lifting & Rigging

Tower Climbing Lifting & Rigging Equipment

As a tower climber, when it comes to lifting & rigging the equipment that you choose is important. Our full line of lifting & rigging equipment offers the solutions you need for any job at hand. From blocks, capstan hoists, and generators to pulling rope, shackles, and slings we’ve got your covered no matter the situation.


When lifting & rigging the block you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make. When you’re lifting equipment 200 feet up a tower your gear is the difference between a job well done and an accident with unforeseen consequences. We offer a wide range of blocks to fit all of your rigging and lifting needs. Some things to look for when picking out blocks are covered by the ASME B30 standard for lifting and rigging. The B30 standard covers requirements for block material, rated loads, and identification.

You can learn more about the ASME B30 standard in this blog post or by checking out our knowledge base.

Capstan Hoists

As a tower climber, there is no doubt that lifting heavy equipment is something that you will have to do. That’s where our line of AB Chance and My-Te capstan hoists come in. These portable lifting devices easily fit into hard to access job sites and deliver high torque rope pulling muscle with constant control. Whether you are looking for an entire kit with everything you need to get you lifting, or you’re looking for a new hoist, mount, or some other accessory, GME Supply has got you covered.  


Working on a job site without any power can cause a range of issues and create an unsafe working environment. Not to mention many tools, like a capstan hoist, won’t work without power. As a tower climber, we know that you need reliable power when you’re on the job. That’s why our Gear Experts® have sourced a range of powerful, portable, reliable generates to keep you safe and productive.

Pulling Rope

When you are lifting hundreds of pounds of material up a tower the rope you use is important. Using the wrong rope could cause unnecessary injury and accidents. We’ve put together a selection of the best load line for the job. We offer load line in ½, ?, and ? inch diameters in a range of different lengths. With rope from brands like WestFall Pro, Sterling Rope, Pelican Rope, and Novablue we’ve got the right rope for you.


Lifting & Rigging is an important part of every tower climbers job and GME Supply is here to make sure that you have the right gear to get your job done safely and effectively. Our selection of shackles includes a range of different sizes and metal treatment methods so that you can get the perfect shackle for your situation.


As a tower climber, we know that your job is diverse. When it comes to lifting and rigging you will need slings in all sizes and strengths. Our Gear Experts® have got you covered for all of your lifting and rigging sling needs. Our wide variety of slings include manufacturers like LiftAll, Petzl, and DBI Sala. From endless web slings to wire rope slings and everything in-between we’ve got just the sling for you. Want to buy in bulk? Our sling multipacks will have you up and running in no time!

Need help finding the lifting & rigging gear you need or have questions? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.