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BlueWater Ropes Mini-Haul Tactical Kit



BlueWater Ropes Mini-Haul Tactical Kit 

The BlueWater Ropes Mini-Haul Tactical Kit is a fantastic solution for a variety of applications and predicaments. This 4:1 hauling system features a technician's bag that can be attached not only to your harness, but also to a rescue litter via the extremely durable velcro belt type rear attachment. The tactical rope is a NFPA 8mm escape rope that features a polyester sheath over a nylon core. 

Note: Overall length is 30 feet. The working length is 10 feet rigged in the pulleys.

Hardware Specs:

  • (1) 6mm stainless steel quick link
  • (2) black double sheave BlueWater mini pulleys - 1 with becket
  • (2) Auto-Lock Rock Exotica Pirate carabiners
Manufacturer: BlueWater Ropes
WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -