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Tower Paint & Tower Paint Accessories

The FAA has established recommendations for antenna tower painting and lighting in the Federal Code Advisory Circular 47 CFR Part 17. While these are just recommendations the FCC has been given the authority by Congress to make them requirements. According to these requirements, a tower must be lighted or painted if its height exceeds 200 feet or if it is deemed an aviation hazard in any way. For example, short towers that are near airports must be painted or lighted.

Our selection of FAA approved tower paint is a pure, 100% acrylic emulsion coating paint formulated for use on galvanized antenna towers and steel surfaces. This tower paint dries quickly, has excellent weathering properties, and is easy to use for all steel tower and obstruction painting needs. Our TowerPlex paint offers ease of application and requires no primer before applying it to galvanized surfaces.

We also offer all of the gear you need to apply the paint. Full body suits to keep you paint free as well as mitts and brushes so you can apply the paint.

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