Cable Safety Sleeves

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Tower Climbing Gear & Safety Equipment: Cable Safety Sleeves

Nearly every tower that you climb nowadays is going to have a cable safe climb system installed. In order to safely Climb Higher and use this ladder fall protection system, you need a cable safety sleeve. All cable safety sleeves have the same purpose and function the same way: they attach to your chest D-ring and lock onto the cable attached to the safe climb system in the event of a fall. While they all serve the same purpose, not all cable safety sleeves are made equal. Some things to consider when looking at a new cable safety sleeve are:

1. How easy it is to install on the rope (some cable grabs require two hands, while others can be installed with one)
2. Does it have added safety features (like the inability to install the device on the rope if it is upside down)
3. How does it handle cable guides (does the cable safety sleeve glide over cable guides without requiring any effort from you)
4. What size rope is it compatible with

No matter how you want to answer these questions we’ve got the perfect cable safety sleeve for all of your tower climbing needs.

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