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Rescue Equipment

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Sterling Adjustable Pick-Off Strap

BlueWater Ropes Mini-Haul Tactical Kit

GME Supply 9026 Standard Rescue Kit

GME Supply 9025 Rescue Kit

GME Supply 9050 Deluxe Rescue Kit

GME Supply 9010 Basic Rescue Kit

Yates 532 Big Wall Rescue and Safety Ladder

GME Supply Tower Rescue Kit

PMI Pick-Off Strap SG51032

GME Supply 9027 Tower Z Rig Rescue Kit

Ronin Hard Case

Petzl Swivel Open

PMI Easy Pick-Off Strap

Skedco Basic Sked Stretcher System

DBI Sala Rollgliss Rescue Ladder

Rock Exotica P22-B Machined Rescue Pulley

Showing 1-16 of 108

1-16 of 108

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Rescue Kits, Rescue Equipment, and Rescue Gear | Fall Arrest Protection Equipment & Safety Gear 

In a perfect world, there would be no accidents and no one would ever get hurt. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and whether we like it or not accidents do happen and people do get hurt. But, when we are prepared and have the right equipment we can take bad situations and keep them from turning into terrible situations. That’s where our selection of rescue equipment comes into play. While having a rescue plan in place is required by law, there are few requirements about the details of those plans and the equipment you should have in the event of a rescue situation. Our selection of rescue equipment includes auto descent devices, components, kits, and patient care equipment.

Auto Descent Devices:

When someone has experienced a fall getting them to the ground and to safety is a top priority. Our selection of auto descent devices will help you ensure that if something goes wrong you are prepared to perform the perfect rescue. We feature a range of descent devices including SRLs, pulley systems, and complete kits.


When a rescue situation arises being prepared is the difference between someone going home to their family and not. Being prepared involves having a range of equipment that can cover any situation and having the ability to perform the rescue in a short amount of time. That’s where our selection of components come in. Our rescue components include anything and everything you would need to perform a rescue from rope grabs, descenders, and harnesses to pulleys, straps, bags, and so much more.


Picking out all of the equipment needed for your rescue kit can be time-consuming and stressful. Not to mention that sometimes you’re not sure what exactly you need. Don’t worry. Our Gear Experts® have got you covered with our selection of rescue kits. With a kit for nearly every situation, you can be ready to perform a rescue with the click of a button.

If our available kits don’t meet your needs don’t worry, they are fully customizable. Simply contact one of our Gear Experts® [insert link here] and we can help you build exactly what you need. Our state-of-the-art account management system allows us to create custom kits, built specifically to suit your needs. The benefit of this type of system is that next time you call in; you have the same pricing and the same products every time. You don’t have to go through countless emails and talk to 5 different people to make sure that you are getting the exact same kit you got last time because we do that for you.

Patient Care:

Sometimes a rescue requires additional equipment depending on the condition of the person being rescued. A proper rescue plan will involve equipment that has the sole purpose of treating or preventing injury. Our selection of patient care supplies includes everything you might need in a rescue situation. GME Supply is your one-stop shop for stretchers, first aid kits, respirators, extraction gear, and more.

Not sure what you need for your next rescue or looking for something specific? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts® for more information.