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There are a variety of ways you can fill out a rescue kit with gear. Generally speaking, no two rescues are the same. Every situation has its own circumstances which may require a slightly different set up. That’s where our knowledgeable, trained customer service folks come in to get you the right gear for your job.


We have a few different fundamental kits put together on our site which can be further customized. They’re comprised of the barebones pieces which will work in a basic rescue… let’s look at what’s in our Deluxe Rescue Kit:




For starters, you’ll need a good length of rope based on the distance you’ll be travelling during the rescue. Anchor that to the tower using a webbing sling and a carabiner. Along with that you’ll need some sort of descent device to help control your way back down the tower. We like the Petzl I’D. It’s well designed and works for a variety of tasks.


Petzl ID


Next, you’ll need a way to raise the victim from his fall. A simple pick-off strap works for this, but if you want to make things a little easier on yourself… toss in a haul kit for a little mechanical advantage. These haul kits come pre-rigged and are kept in a nice pouch so they’re ready at a moment’s notice.


Finally, all of that goes into a kit bag to keep it together in your truck, just in case you’d ever need it.  


Again… Just because we have these kits put together, doesn’t mean that they will be perfect in every situation. Perhaps your needs would require an automatic descent device, or maybe an extra pulley or two. A hand ascender could be added for another anchorage point on a rope or assist in climbing. Give us a call, or chat us online so we can get you everything you need for your specific set up.  

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