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WestFall Pro Descender for 7/16 Inch Rope


Petzl I'D Self-Braking Descender

Petzl ASAP Mobile Rope Grab

WestFall Pro Descender for 1/2 Inch Rope

DBI Sala NoWorries Double Stop Descender

Ronin Lift Power Ascender Spare Battery


Ronin Lift Power Ascender

DBI Sala 2103189 Fisk Descender Device

Camp Safety Goblin Fall Arrest

Multiple Colors

Petzl RIG Self-Braking Descender

ISC D5 Work Rescue Descender

ISC D4 Work Rescue Descender

Petzl Auxiliary Brake for I'D Series

Kong Indy Evo Plus

Rock Exotica F10 Totem Rig and Rappel Descender

Showing 1-16 of 32

1-16 of 32

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Tower Climbing Descent Devices

Like ascenders, descenders are pretty self-explanatory. They are devices that help you smoothly and safely descend down a rope. Some descenders are versatile devices that can have a lot of benefits for a tower climber. Our selection includes traditional “figure 8” descenders as well as a range of self-braking descenders from manufacturers like Petzl, WestFall Pro, and ISC.

Not sure what kind of descender you need, or looking to learn more about the different types of descenders available? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.