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WestFall Pro Chest Ascender

Petzl Croll Chest-Mounted Ascender Rope Clamp

Kong Lift Right Handed Ascender

Petzl B17 Ascension Handled Rope Clamp/Ascender Grab

Climbing Technology RollNLock

Ronin Lift Power Ascender Spare Battery

Ronin Lift Power Ascender

Kong Lift Left Handed Ascender

Ronin Hard Case

Camp Safety Goblin Fall Arrest

Petzl CROLL L Chest Ascender

Petzl Rescucender Openable Cam-Loaded Rope Clamp

Petzl BASIC Compact Ascender

Kong Duck Rope Clamp

PMI 1-ZTEP Foot Loop

Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender

Showing 1-16 of 33

1-16 of 33

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Tower Climber Ascenders

Ascenders are pretty self-explanatory. They are progress capture devices that help you ascend up a rope. As a tower climber, an ascender can come in handy for a range of situations. While all ascenders have the same basic function there is actually a range of different types. Our selection of ascenders includes handheld, one finger, foot, and chest ascenders so that no matter what challenges the job may bring you can rise to the occasion and meet that challenge.

Need more information or have questions about ascenders? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.