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Tower Climbing Exothermic Weld Metal

Few things are as dangerous as electricity and as a tower climber, you will have to deal with electricity fairly regularly. An important part of working with electricity is your grounding connections. These connections help control the electricity and ensure everyone’s safety. Here at GME Supply, we pride ourselves on keeping you safe and productive on the job. After you have the mold set up, the next step is to weld the connection. This is done with weld metal.

Weld metal (a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum) is dumped into the top of a mold. Then the mold is covered and the weld metal is ignited. The exothermic reaction produces molten copper, which results in a permanent, high conductivity connection. A Cadweld Connection has current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor, is permanent with a low resistance connection that cannot loosen or corrode, uses lightweight, inexpensive equipment, requires no external source of power or heat, and can be easily checked for quality.

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