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First Aid & Emergency

First Aid Kits and Emergency Safety Supplies

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about emergencies. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and emergencies can happen. While we can’t always prevent emergency situations, we can ensure that we are prepared for them. An important part of emergency preparation is first aid. Our full selection of emergency kits, eye wash stations, fire safety gear, first aid cabinets, first aid kits, and hydration products will have you ready to tackle any emergency head-on.

Emergency Kits

Not every emergency is the same. That makes being prepared for as many as possible a good idea. Not to mention that some emergencies involve a lot more than just one or two pieces of equipment. That’s where our selection of emergency kits come in. We’ve got a variety of different kits including EMS supply kits, woundseal kits, and emergency roadside kits.

Eye Wash Stations

Your eyes are one of your most important tools and taking care of them is a priority for most people. But, sometimes accidents happen and things get in your eye that can wreak havoc on your vision. Having an eye wash station can help reduce or completely prevent any eye damage from an accident like that. Our selection of eye wash stations come in 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz versions with single, dual, and tri configurations.

Fire Safety

Fire is no joke and one small spark can quickly turn into an unrelenting wall of flame that will decimate everything in its path. Fires can be caused by a range of different things - from natural occurrences, like lightning, to chemical reactions. Being prepared to fight those fires can be the difference between crisis averted and a situation gone out of control.

Our selection of fire extinguishers includes everything you need to put out a fire and save the day. From manufacturers like Kidde, Buckeye, and GelTech we’ve got the solution you need. From 2.5 lb ABC fire extinguishers to 25 lb class A fire extinguishers and everything in-between, GME Supply is your one-stop shop for all of your job site fire safety needs.

First Aid Cabinets

First aid is an important part of emergency management. And all of the tools and equipment needed to have an ANSI approved first aid station can take a long time to source and take up a lot of space. Our selection of first aid cabinets helps you tackle both of those challenges at once.

These cabinets have enough space to fit all of the first aid equipment needed to service from 50 to 200 people depending on the model that you choose. Beyond that, we feature ANSI A+, ANSI B+, and ANSI B rated first aid cabinets. We don’t stop there, though. We also offer ANSI approved first aid cabinet refill packs. You can keep the old cabinet and just buy all of the supplies needed to re-stock. Check out our first aid kit section for all of your first aid cabinet refill needs.

First Aid Kits

All of the tools and equipment needed for a prepared and compliant first aid kit can take a long time to source. Beyond that, if you need an ANSI rated kit - knowing which one you need can take up additional time and resources. Our selection of first aid kits are here to help keep you in compliance, save you time and have you ready in case of an emergency.

With all-purpose first aid kits able to service 10 - 200 people we’ve got the first aid kit you need no matter what the size of your crew is. We’ve also got a whole selection of ANSI rated first aid kits including ANSI A+, ANSI B+, and ANSI B rated kits. Got a first aid cabinet and just need a refill? We’ve got refill kits available too. Don’t waste the money to buy a whole new cabinet, just buy the stuff to go inside of it.

We don’t stop at general kits, though. We know that emergency situations can vary wildly and having one kit that can handle everything is difficult. That’s why we stock a full selection of specialty kits. Our specialty kits include burn pouch kits, trauma kits, school bus kits, vehicle kits, waterproof kits, latex free kits, and more.

Hydration Products

While some of us may feel superhuman sometimes, hydration is important for each and every one of us. We can’t always control our environments and the risks that we encounter, but one thing that we can control is our hydration. Consuming fluids with electrolytes can ensure that our body is functioning correctly and prevent unnecessary danger. Our selection of hydration products includes hydration systems, water bottles, hydration packs, and drinks packed with electrolytes from manufacturers like Sqwincher and All-Sport.