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Patient Care

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Skedco Basic Sked Stretcher System

PMI XTRA Backboard

PMI LSP Miller Half Back Extrication Lift Harness

PMI LSP Miller Full-Body Splint Litter

Skedco HMD Sked Rapid Deploy Case

PMI FAST Patient Restraint System

Skedco Half Sked Patient Drag

Skedco Oregon Spine Splint

Skedco HMD Sked Rescue System with Strap Kit

PMI Tarantula Spyder

Skedco Cobra Buckle Conversion Kit

Skedco Sked Stretcher System with Cobra Buckles

05990, Soft Fold Up Stretcher Kit

PMI Cascade Trail Tech Litter Wheel 3/4 in. Top Rail

Skedco HMD Sked Stretcher ONLY

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1-16 of 19

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Rescue Patient Care

While we would all like to think that accidents never happen and rescues never need to be performed, that isn’t the case. Accidents do happen and being prepared for whatever might arise and being ready to perform a rescue at a moments notice can be the difference between a bad situation gone worse and everyone going home at the end of the day.

After you get a rescue victim to the ground or, in some situations, before you can even get them lowered to the ground you might need a spine split, lift harness, sked, or other pieces of patient care equipment that helps you ensure that you don’t hurt someone even more while rescuing them. Our selection of patient care equipment from manufacturers like Skedco and PMI provide the support you need to perform a complicated rescue.

Not sure what you need for your next rescue or looking for something specific? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts® for more information.