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Emergency Rescue Gear

GME Supply stocks a variety of rescue gear to ensure you’ve got the gear you need, when and where you need it, every time. From complete kits, and first aid to patient care and fire rescue, plus everything in-between GME Supply is your source for all things rescue. And with gear from top manufacturers like Petzl, Sterling, DBI Sala, and more we are confident we can help you find the gear you’ve been looking for.

Rescue Gear

While we would all like to think that accidents never happen and rescues never need to be performed, that isn’t the case. Accidents do happen and being prepared for whatever might arise and being ready to perform a rescue at a moments notice can be the difference between a bad situation gone worse and everyone going home at the end of the day.

With our selection of auto descent gear, bucket rescue kits, fall protection rescue kits, fire rescue gear, patient care gear, rescue components, trauma straps, and water rescue gear you can be ready for the rescue no matter what it requires.

Auto Descent: When someone has experienced a fall getting them to the ground and to safety is a top priority. Our selection of auto descent devices will help you ensure that if something goes wrong you are prepared to perform the perfect rescue. We feature a range of descent devices including SRLs, pulley systems, and complete kits.

Bucket Rescue Kits: When we think of rescue situations we typically think of situations where we are knocked out or stranded hundreds of feet in the air. But, sometimes you just need to get down to avoid dangerous situations and you may only be a few feet in the air - like when you're on an aerial lift or a bucket truck. That’s where a bucket rescue kit comes in handy. Our selection of bucket rescue kits features everything you need to perform a self-rescue from an aerial lift or truck bucket - all packed in an easy to carry, convenient bag.

Fall Protection Rescue Kits: Picking out and sourcing all of the equipment needed for a rescue can be time-consuming and stressful. Not to mention that sometimes you aren’t quite sure what you need - on top of making sure the equipment is all compatible. That’s why our Gear Experts® have done the work for you. Our full selection of fall protection rescue kits are expertly assembled to help ensure you have all of the gear you need when you need it - all conveniently packed in a transport bag.

Some kits are assembled from manufacturers, and some kits have been custom assembled by our Gear Experts®. Our history in fall protection has uniquely positioned us to have the resources and the know-how to build kits suited for nearly every application. We know that no two rescues are the same and that sometimes your situation may require a custom kit. We’ve got that covered, too. Our expert team can help you assemble the custom kit you need to fit your needs. For more information on custom kits, click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.

Fire Rescue: GME Supply is your source for Sterling fire rescue kits. We keep fire rescue kits in stock at low prices. Browse our selection of fire rescue kits to ensure you are prepared for a fire rescue situation.

Patient Care: After you get a rescue victim to the ground or, in some situations, before you can even get them lowered to the ground you might need a spine split, lift harness, sked, or other pieces of patient care equipment that helps you ensure that you don’t hurt someone even more while rescuing them. Our selection of patient care equipment from manufacturers like Skedco and PMI provide the support you need to perform a complicated rescue.

Rescue Components: Sometimes you just need one more piece of equipment to complete your kit, or you need to replace a piece of equipment that is no longer suitable for use. When that happens, buying an entire new kit doesn’t make financial sense. Our selection of rescue components has all the equipment you need to complete your rescue setup or take your rescue it to the next level. We offer a range of different rescue devices like descenders, SRLs, cable grabs, restraint systems, wall ladders, belts, and more.

Trauma Straps: Trauma straps help combat suspension trauma. Suspension trauma can start to take effect just minutes after a fall and cause serious, potentially fatal damage. It’s caused when blood pools in your legs. Your heart is still pumping blood to your legs, and when you cannot use your skeletal muscles to help “pump that blood back, gravity causes it to pool in your feet and legs. Coupled with your harness putting pressure on important veins and arteries, circulation can be difficult. The pooling of blood begins to deprive the brain, kidneys, and other vital organs of oxygen.

Trauma straps help prevent this from happening by relieving pressure off of the harness leg straps. Some harnesses come with trauma straps built in, but even if your harness doesn’t this simple accessory can be added to any harness.

Water Rescue: No rescue is the same and some rescue situations, like water rescue, require special equipment that has been developed to work in water. Our selection of life jackets, flotation devices, and throw ropes will have you ready for a water rescue in no time.