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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Breathing is important. In fact, you can’t live without it and protecting your lungs will make breathing a lot easier. That’s where respiratory protection comes in. Respiratory protection is a group of PPE with the sole purpose of providing the user with clear air. Our selection of respiratory protection includes cartridges & filters, disposable respirators, full face respirators, half-mask respirators, and supplied air respirators.

When picking out proper respiratory protection there are a few main things to consider.

What hazards are you going to be exposed to? Have you assessed the situation? What level of protection do you need? What are the different types of filters and what do they do? What standards do I need to make sure I’m in compliance with? These questions will ensure that you are following best practices in making your decision when purchasing respiratory protection. 

For more information about how to find the perfect respirator, click here, to read our blog post.

Cartridges & Filters:

Cartridges and filters are an important part of respiratory protection because they are the devices that actually clean the air you are breathing in. Cartridges and filters are used in a range of different types of respirators. While they are used in disposable respirators, the cartridges and filters in this section are not compatible with any type of disposable respirator since disposable respirators are not supposed to be reused.

Disposable Respirators:

Disposable respirators are pretty self-explanatory in that they are disposable rather than reusable. The amount of time that you can use the respirator before it needs to be thrown away, the amount of protection it provides, and the types of particulates it can filter will vary depending on your selection. 

Full-Face Respirators:

Full face respirators are one of the most effective and accurate forms of respiratory protection available. While most common respirators simply cover the nose and mouth, full face respirators create a seal around your face to prevent exposure of particulates to your skin as well as your lungs. These respirators typically come with a cartridge included but will need the cartridges replaced after a certain amount of uses. Also, be sure to remember that the cartridge that it comes with might not be suitable for every situation.

Half-Mask Respirators:

Half-mask respirators are similar to disposable respirators because they cover your nose and mouth, but leave the rest of your face exposed. However, unlike disposable respirators, half-mask respirators can be reused and the filters and cartridges can simply be replaced when needed. Half-mask respirators create a seal around your nose and mouth to prevent particulates from making it into your lungs, but it is important to remember that not all cartridges can filter out all particulates. 

Supplied Air Respirators:

Supplied air respirators, also called SCBAs or self-contained breathing apparatuses, are most commonly used when traditional respirator methods do not offer enough protection for the user. A supplied air respirator does exactly what the name states and supplies air to the user rather than just filtering the outside air. Supplied air respirators do not use filters or cartridges since the air it is pumping into the full face mask is not outside air.

Need help finding the perfect respiratory protection? Check in with one of our Gear Experts® here and we can help you find the perfect fit!