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Hearing Protection

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Hearing Protection | Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs

Your hearing is an important part of your life. Being around loud machinery and tools can cause significant damage to your inner ear and cause partial or even total hearing loss. Not to mention that dirt, dust, and other hazardous materials can get into your ear and cause a whole range of different issues. Keeping your ears and your hearing protected while on the job site is an intricate part of a proper PPE setup.

That’s where our selection of hearing protection comes in handy. We have a range of different hearing protection equipment like ear muffs, ear plugs, and ear plug dispensers.

Ear Muffs:

Ear muffs are a form of hearing protection that is placed over the ears. They offer a higher, more complete form of hearing protection. Our selection of ear muffs include versions that can be worn by themselves or mounted to a hard hat. No matter what your situation is, we’ve got the perfect pair of ear muffs to make sure that your ears and your hearing are protected no matter what the job throws your way.

Ear Plug Dispensers:

If you find yourself and your crew going through a large amount of traditional in the ear plugs then an ear plug dispenser can make your life easier and save valuable time. Ear plug dispensers hold a large amount of ear plugs and can be mounted to a wall for added convenience.

Ear Plugs:

Most of the time when people hear “hearing protection”, ear plugs are the first thing they think about. Ear plugs are the first line of defense when it comes to hearing protection. They come in a range of different materials and styles, providing versatility so that you can pick the perfect pair no matter what challenges the job site or other PPE might bring. Our selection of ear plugs includes disposable and reusable versions as well as stand-alone, corded, and banded ear plugs.

Need help finding the right hearing protection to keep you and your crew’s ears safe? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.