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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

It’s no secret that job sites are extremely diverse. On top of that, mother nature has a mind of her own and in many areas, the weather can go from one extreme to another in a matter of hours or days. Working on a job site usually involves a range of different jobs to be done. Each of which can present their own hazards. Protective clothing ensures that you and your crew can stay safe on the job site no matter what situations might come up.

Our selection of protective clothing is as diverse as the job site and offers something for everyone. We’ve got FR Apparel, hi-vis, protective suits, rain gear, sleeves, UV protection, and welding gear.

FR Apparel:

Before we start talking about FR apparel, let’s outline what the FR means and a common confusion people have with FR. FR stands for flame resistant. Flame resistant is a characteristic of a material not igniting and burning in air. It is commonly miscalled flame retardant. Flame retardant, on the other hand, is a chemical that has been added to an otherwise flammable material to make that material flame resistant.

Now that we know what FR really is, let’s outline some of the different FR clothing we’ve got. Our selection includes cooling gear, like bandanas - because typically if there is a risk of fire, it’s probably hot. We also have a selection of hi-vis vests and jackets. Need a sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, long johns, boxer briefs, jackets, beanies, sleeves, bib overalls, balaclavas, or jeans? We’ve got you covered there too.


There are many low visibility situations when working in at-height, industry, and construction. Not to mention, mother nature doesn’t make every day sunny. You need to be seen on the job site to stay safe. Stand out from the crowd and stand out on the job site with our wide selection of hi-vis apparel. Our high visibility workwear includes a range of sizes and colors. We have both class 2 and class 3 safety apparel to ensure you have the gear you need to get the job done.

Class 2: Class 2 items are intended for environments that pose a greater risk than those that require a Class 1 traditional safety yellow or orange material. Class 2 apparel is medium sized because of the ANSI requirements. A class 2 article of clothing must have at least 775 inches of safety yellow or orange material and 201 square inches of reflective striping.

Class 3: Class 3items are intended for dangerous environments and are typically larger because of the ANSI requirements. They must have 310 square inches of reflective striping and 1,240 inches of safety yellow or orange material.

Non-ANSI: Non-ANSI rated gear means that it does not meet the requirements set forth by ANSI and should not be used in low light situations where certified hi-vis gear is required.

Protective Suits:

Sometimes job site environments can have hazards where traditional clothing isn’t safe enough to protect you. Or, it’s just so dirty that having a protective suit over your clothing provides an extra layer against the dirt and grime. Protective suits offer a range of benefits including the fact that it is one single piece. You don’t have to worry about the danger of hazardous materials getting in-between the area where your separate pieces of clothing meet. You can even add protective shoe coverings to close the space where your pants/the suit meet your shoes. Our selection of protective suits includes paint suits, hoods, general suits, hooded suits, and full body (including and hood and boots) suits.

Rain Gear:

Nothing “rains” on your parade more than trying to work in sopping wet clothing. Not only is is uncomfortable, but it’s also unsafe. Rain has more dangers than just getting you wet though. When it rains it is typically dark. Also, many times the rain is cold and, coupled with the wind it can drastically reduce the temperature of your body causing the risk of sickness. That’s where rain gear comes in. Most of our selection of rain gear is also hi-vis gear because it can be so dark when it is raining. We’ve got jackets, vests, coats, suits, and pants to help keep you dry and visible while it’s raining on a job site.

Remember that when picking out hi-vis gear keep in mind the requirements you need to meet for ANSI Standards. Our hi-vis rain gear includes Non-ANSI, Class 2, and Class 3 ratings.


When working in hazardous environments one of our most exposed, but least thought of areas of our bodies are our arms. Your arms, like your hands, are an important part of your livelihood and that means protecting them should be a priority. We often don’t think about the exposure of our arms while cutting or welding but one wrong action and it can take another day on the job and turn it into the last day on the job. Our selection of sleeves are here to help you protect your arms from anything the job site might throw at you.

UV Protection:

Ultraviolet Radiation or UV are the rays that are produced by the sun. UV rays can wreak havoc on the body and cause a slew of issues including sunburn and skin cancer. The worst part? UV rays reach your body even if it’s cloudy and you can’t see the sun. UV protective clothing acts as a sun shield to protect your body from UV rays. Our selection of UV protection gear includes neck shades and towels with built in cooling capabilities for those hot days. We’ve also got hats, shirts, and hi-vis gear for when you need UV protection, but visibility is a challenge.

Remember that when picking out hi-vis gear keep in mind the requirements you need to meet for ANSI Standards. Our hi-vis UV protection gear includes Non-ANSI, Class 2, and Class 3 ratings.

Welding Gear:

Welding is pretty common on the job site. But, just because it is common doesn’t mean that it is hazardous. Things like fumes, light, and slag can all cause damage to the body. That’s why having the right welding gear is an important part of keeping you safe while welding on the job site. Our selection of welding gear includes everything you need to get the job done and stay safe. Whether you need goggles, welding gloves, glasses, sleeves, respirators, visors, helmets, bags, coveralls, and jackets - we’ve got it in stock and ready to ship.

Need help finding the perfect protective clothing? Check in with one of our Gear Experts® here and we can help you find the perfect fit!