Tie Downs and Chain

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Lifting & Rigging Chain

Sometimes rope just isn’t strong enough or durable enough to get the job done. That’s where chains come into play. We offer a wide variety of grade 80 alloy chains in a range of different diameters so you can get the job done no matter what challenges it may bring. It is important to consider two main points when looking at chains to use in lifting and rigging applications. The first is working load limits. As the chain diameter gets larger, the working load limit increases. The second thing to consider is standards.

Grade 80 Chain

When sourcing chains for overhead lifting applications it is important to keep in mind both the OSHA 1910.184 standard and the ASME B30.9 standard. Both of these standards state that only grade 80 chain can be used for overhead lifting. Grade 80 chain has been specifically designed for overhead lifting. The chains are made from a high strength heat-treated alloy steel.

We’ve also got tie down straps so you can keep everything you need for your next lifting and rigging job secured to your truck or trailer.

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