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AB Chance 1000 lb Capacity Capstan Hoist

AB Chance Capstan Foot Control

AB Chance 3000 lb Capacity Capstan Hoist

AB Chance Hex Key Wrench

AB Chance Capstan F.A.E. 3000 lb Chain Bracket

AB Chance Replacement Rope Hook

Hubbell AB Chance Capstan Labels

AB Chance Cherry Switch For Foot Pedal

Hubbell Capstan Bolt

AB Chance Capstan Bracket without Chain

Tractel Griphoist/Tirfor Wire Rope Hoists with Wire Rope

AB Chance 1000 lb Capacity Capstan Hoist Essentials Kit Optional Rope Lock

AB Chance Capstan Hitch Assembly and Swivel Mount Kit

AB Chance Swivel Mount Capstan Hoist Truck Kit

AB Chance Straight Mount Capstan Hoist Truck Kit

Showing 1-16 of 89

1-16 of 89

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Winches are built to lift or haul a load by using a rope, chain, or cable wound around a rotating drum. Though all winches have the same purpose, there are still a variety of different types of winches. Our winch selection, from manufacturers like Dutton-Lainson, My-Te, and Hubbell/AB Chance includes capstan hoists, electric winches, hand winches, and industrial winches.

Capstan Hoists

Capstan hoists have revolutionized the art of lifting and rigging. What used to have to be done by hand, or by using complicated rigs that utilized truck power, can now be done with a lightweight single unit piece.

Our lines of AB Chance and My-Te capstan hoists are portable and easily fit into hard to access job sites. They are built to deliver high torque rope pulling muscle with constant control. In addition to capstan hoists, we also offer a variety of accessories including mounts, rope locks, stickers, brackets, and foot controls.

Looking for a complete kit? We’ve got those, too. Our capstan kits include everything you need to be lifting and rigging with your capstan like a pro.

Electric Winches

An electric winch provides load-moving muscle with the simple push of a button. With a heavy rated load capacity, our selection of Dutton-Lainson electric winches will save manpower and make quick work of difficult loading and pulling jobs.

Hand Winches

Hand winches are perfect for situations where access to electricity is not easy or impossible. Hand winches, also known as manual pulling winches, are ideal for horizontal pulling applications which require the freewheeling feature of ratchet type winches. Hand winches require no power and allow the user to create mechanical advantage by rotating a handle to operate the winch.

Also referred to as brake winches, hand winches are suitable for a wide range of lifting and lowering applications and include self-locking brakes for additional safety and control. Our selection of Dutton-Lainson hand winches come in a variety of sizes and capacities, offering something for everyone no matter what the job requires.

Industrial Winches

Industrial winches are built tough so that they can help you get the job done no matter the situation. Our selection of industrial winches from manufacturers like My-Te, Tractel, and Keeper come in both electric and hand operation models.

Need more information or have a question about our selection of winches? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.