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Fall Protection Safety Harnesses

GME Supply knows fall protection. We have spent the last decade focusing on at-height industries and fall protection. One key component of fall protection is your safety harness. A safety harness not only needs to be functional, but comfortable as well. We offer a wide range of harnesses with harnesses ranging from 1 to 6 D-rings, specialty harnesses, and harness accessories.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your harness is what materials the hardware (D-rings and other connectors are made of). How many D-rings you need, connection points, and sizing, and certifications.

Materials: Any fall protection harness is going to feature aluminum or steel D-rings. Aluminum D-rings are lighter but more expensive. Steel D-rings, on the other hand, are cheaper but much heavier.

D-rings, Connection Points, and Sizing: The amount of D-rings you need will be dependent on your specific job requirements. You have 3 main options in connection points - tongue buckle, pass-through buckle, and quick connect buckle. Sizing varies depending on the manufacturer and we have a sizing chart reference guide to help you ensure that your harness will fit the way you need it to stay safe.

Certifications: When looking at full body harnesses it is important to keep in mind the certifications you need them to meet. If you are working in the United States you will need a harness that meets ANSI Z359.11-2014. ANSI Z359.11-2014 outlines the safety requirements for a full body harness. If you are working in Canada you will need a harness that meets the CSA requirements. Your CSA harness will need to meet the CSA Z259.10-12 Full Body Harness Standard.

Our selection of harnesses includes configurations from 1 to 6 D-rings, specialty harnesses and a range of different harness accessories.

Harness Accessories

Your harness is an intricate part of your fall protection set up. It is the apex of where all of your gear meets and without it, your gear cannot serve its purpose. Harness accessories help you take your harness to the next level. Our selection of harness accessories feature phone and radio holsters, strap cushion pads, lanyard parks, D-ring extenders, safety devices, trauma safety straps, badge holders, and more. Take your harness to the next level with this accessory selection.

Specialty Harnesses

Not all jobs are created equal. And because of that, not all harness are created equal either. At GME Supply we pride ourselves in being America’s premier outfitter of fall protection and that’s why we carry a line of specialty harnesses. Specialty harnesses are designed to not only provide the same fall protection that regular harnesses do but to also provide added protection for certain things. Out specialty harnesses include arborist harnesses, arc flash harnesses, and hi-vis harnesses.

Not sure what harness you need, or looking for something in particular? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.