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WestFall Pro 7475 Spreader Bar

Petzl MGO Open 60 Connector

16CDL Separator Spreader Bar Snaphook

7456 WestFall Pro 11in. Swivel Rebar Hook

Multiple Options

Kong Back-Up Mobile Arrester ANSI

Petzl MGO Open


Petzl MGO Open

$79.95 to $129.95

Petzl Eashook Open

Petzl P15 Oval Steel Screw Lock

Petzl P11 Delta Triangular Steel Quick Link

WestFall Pro 7452 Rebar Hook

WestFall Pro 3/4 Inch Gate Snaphook

Crosby S341 1/2 Inch Red Pear Link

WestFall Pro Aluminum Rebar Hook

FallTech 8250LT Rebar Chain Positioning Assembly

Petzl P18 Demi Rond Semi-Circle Aluminum Quick Link

Showing 1-16 of 33

1-16 of 33

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Fall Rated Climbing Hardware 

 When it comes to fall protection the hardware you choose is extremely important. When your life's on the line you want to know that the gear you are using is top quality. Our Gear Experts® have spent years sourcing the best hardware.

Our fall protection hardware selection includes separator bars, snap hooks, and rebar hooks.

Let’s start by looking at certifications. Like carabiners, snaphooks, rebar hooks, and separator bars must meet the ANSI Z359.12-2009 standard. This standard requires that the major access point must have a strength of 5,000 pounds. The gate face, sideload, and minor access strength must be at least 3,600 pounds.

Separator bars are great for positioning and providing relief on the hips and waist during a long day of climbing. Snaphooks and rebar hooks server similar purposes to carabiners and come in a range of different sizes. Which of these devices is right for you? That depends on the job at hand.

Need help finding the perfect carabiner, hardware, or have questions? Click here to chat with one of our Gear Experts®.