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Wind Energy Industry Technician Lanyards

The lanyard is one important part of your lifeline. It will be worn anytime there is a risk of a fall. The length and style of your lanyard will be dependent on the job to be done, but the basic function of each is the same: In the event of a fall, the lanyard will stretch to a predetermined length to slow your fall and absorb some of the shock your body experiences.

There are 4 main types of lanyards: Pack Type, Tubular, Tie-Back, and Twin Leg.

Pack Type:

Pack type lanyards have an inner core “pack” that activates and expands in the event of a fall. The length of the lanyard varies based on the needs of the job.

Tubular Type:

Tubular type lanyards have a “scrunched” look instead of a pack. The look is different, but the package is the same. In the event of a fall, the inner stitching breaks and the lanyard extends to absorb the shock and arrest the fall.


Tie-Back lanyards are named as such because their typical use involves wrapping the lanyard around an anchorage point and securing the hook back onto the lanyard. OSHA states that “Unless a snap hook is a locking type specifically designed for the purpose of tying back into a lanyard, it shall not be engaged directly to webbing, rope, or wire rope.” For help finding a tie-back lanyard that is OSHA approved please contact one of our Gear Experts®.

Twin Leg:

Twin Leg lanyards are lanyards with two legs (I know we were blown away by the name too). Twin Leg lanyards provide 100% tie off protection. Proper use of the lanyard should be practiced at all times. For example, when one leg is not being used it should not be attached to any permanent structure. Twin leg lanyards come in both Pack Type and Tubular configurations.

Need help finding the perfect lanyard for your job requirements? Check in with one of our Gear Experts®.