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Distance Meters, Anemometers, and Dynamometers

Accurate measurements are an important part of working on towers. Whether you need measurements of force, wind, gas, or distance - the tools you use can be the difference between getting it right the first time and setting yourself back hours worth of work. Our full selection of Anemometers, Distance Meters, and Dynamometers will have you measuring accurately in no time.


An anemometer is a device that is used for measuring the speed of the wind, or of any current of gas. When it comes to rigging - knowing how fast the wind is blowing is an important part of the process. Not to mention, climbing 200 feet up a tower with high wind speeds can cause a whole slew of issues. Our selection of anemometers will have you measuring wind and gas in no time. But, it doesn’t stop at speed. If you need to know the maximum wind gust, air, water, & snow temperatures, wind chill, relative humidity, heat stress index, or dew point - these devices have got you covered.

Distance Meters

A distance meter is primarily used for accurately determining the distance of an object without contact by using a laser. This can be extremely useful in lifting & rigging and alignment applications. A few things to look for when choosing your distance meter include: level of accuracy, magnification features, range, internal calculation abilities, and compatibilities with other devices like computers, phones, and antenna aligners.


Dynamometers are extremely versatile pieces of equipment. From lifting and rigging applications to tensioning guy wires, a dynamometer can rise to the task. Our selection of dynamometers includes both analog and digital versions available in a range of strengths and sizes.

For more information on the meters we offer, or for help finding the perfect meter to meet your needs, click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.