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High Visibility

High Visibility

When working on the job site there are many dangers which is why GME Supply prides ourselves in being here to help keep you safe while on the job. You need to be seen on the job site to stay safe. Stand out from the crowd and stand out on the job site with our wide selection of hi-vis apparel. Whether you are looking for class 2, class 3, hats, non-ANSI, rain wear, or vests we’ve got the hi-vis gear you need.

The most important part of picking out hi-vis apparel is knowing whether it needs to be ANSI compliant. If it does need to be ANSI compliant there are two classifications that you need to be aware of: class 2 and class 3.

Class 2:

Class 2 items are intended for environments that pose a greater risk than those that require a Class 1 traditional safety yellow or orange material. Class 2 apparel is medium sized because of the ANSI requirements. A class 2 article of clothing must have at least 775 inches of safety yellow or orange material and 201 square inches of reflective striping.

Class 3:

Class 3 items are intended for dangerous environments and are typically larger because of the ANSI requirements. They must have 310 square inches of reflective striping and 1,240 inches of safety yellow or orange material.


Non-ANSI rated gear means that it does not meet the requirements set forth by ANSI and should not be used in low light situations where certified hi-vis gear is required.

Need help finding the perfect high visibility apparel? Check in with one of our Gear Experts® here and we can help you find the perfect fit!