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Glove Accessories

What is a glove accessory? Well, our three types of glove accessories are glove grabbers, glove bags, and glove protectors. Glove grabbers are revolutionary if you tend to lose gloves, or never have a place to set them when you take them off. Our glove grabbers feature a belt clip that you simply attach to your belt. When you need to take off your gloves, just attach the gloves securely to the grabber, and BAM gloves stored and not lost.

Glove bags serve a similar purpose to glove grabbers in that they help you transport your gloves and help prevent them from getting lost. The big difference between a glove bag and a glove grabber is that the bag offers additional protection for the glove. Some specialty gloves might need to be kept out of the elements or kept dry. Glove bags can help increase the lifespan of your gloves.

Glove protectors, on the other hand, (pun intended) offer mechanical protection for rubber insulated gloves. That means that the protector is worn over the glove to offer cut resistance and protection from other harmful chemicals. The rubber insulated glove is used for electrical protection.

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