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Vertical Systems

Vertical Systems

Vertical systems are an intricate part of fall protection. Whether you are looking for cable safety sleeves (cable grabs), ladder safety (like a cable climb system) rope grabs, or lifelines, GME Supply is your source for all things vertical systems related.

Cable Safety Sleeves:

Your cable safety sleeve (also called a cable grab) is the second component of your fall protection rig. It should be attached to a rigid anchorage line (like a safe climb ladder system) to secure you while moving up or down on the wind turbine. We feature two main types of cable safety sleeves: traditional (manual), and trailing.

A traditional cable safety sleeve also referred to as a manual cable safety sleeve, will not move on the lifeline. You have to move it as you climb up, hence the “manual” portion of the name. Trailing cable safety sleeves, on the other hand, can move up and down your lifeline freely (trailing you). This type of cable safety sleeve is typically more convenient and poses fewer hazards than a manual cable safety sleeve.

Ladder Safety:

Fall protection is an important aspect of at-height work. In many industries (like solar and telecom) cable climb systems have become the norm. A cable climb system increases safety and reduces the risk of a fatal fall. These cable climb systems are technically ladders which is why they are considered ladder safety. A ladder safety fall protection system, better known as a cable climb system, is pre-installed on a structure and features a cable attached to the ladder. You can use a cable grab attached to your sternal D-ring to move up and down the ladder with ease. In the event of a fall, the cable safety sleeve will lock onto the cable and arrest the fall. Applications for ladder fall protection systems include towers, billboards, commercial buildings, utility, solar, and wind.

We offer a full line of Tuf-Tug and 3M cable climb systems that come in a variety of designs and sizes. The monopole system is available in standard lengths of 100’, 150’, 200’, and 250’. The fixed ladder system is available in standard lengths of 100’, 200’, 250’, 300’, and 400’. And, the round climbing leg system is available in standard lengths of 150’, 200’, 250’, and 300’.

These systems can be further customized. Click here to contact our Gear Experts® for more information about customization.

Rope Grabs:

You’ve got a lifeline, but now you need a way to make sure you are secured to it. That’s where rope grabs come in. Rope grabs are fall arrest devices that travel up and down a vertical lifeline and are extremely convenient and easy to use. They provide 100% tie off by staying attached to your lifeline and moving up and down with you as you ascend or descend. These little devices work by latching onto the rope when they sense a fall preventing you from getting injured. Not to mention, they save a ton of time because you don’t have to stop every few feet to reattach your lanyard as you climb.

Rope Lifelines:

When it comes to any at-height industry, fall protection is an important part of the job. Not to mention you will probably spend some time in situations where tying off to an appropriate anchor can be difficult. That's why having the best lifeline is important. Our gear experts have spent years sourcing the best lifeline rope available and our hand picked selection will help you stay safe and get the job done. We feature a range of styles, colors, lengths, and sizes of rope. You can choose a rope from 300, 600, or 1,200 foot pre cut lengths, or if you need a custom length rope - we’ve got you covered there too. Diameters include ?, 7/16, ?, and ½ inch options and come in a variety of styles including HTP static, 3-strand, and unicore. We’ve also got a range of colors so that each lifeline can be visibly different than the others for easy identification.

Need help sorting through our selection of gear, or looking for something specific? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.