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Sticklers Icky Pic Cleaner



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Sticklers Icky Pic Cleaner

Icky Pic Cleaner — Sticklers Adhesive and Cable Gel Remover Pen

The Sticklers Adhesive and Gel Remover is the industry’s only icky pic cleaner that comes in a pocket-sized pen. The pen features a strong, naturally-occurring, gel-eating solvent. Key features include:

• Fast, simple, consistent cleaning of “icky pik” gel, labels, adhesives and glues
• Pocket-sized and convenient
• Natural, organic solvent made from oranges
• Unlimited shelf life
• Spill-proof
• Recyclable
• Long-lasting
• Highly economical

The unique combination of a powerful cleaning chemistry and unique, rugged packaging create a quick, easy and versatile cleaning tool. It removes icky pc gel from the cables when splicing. It also is incredibly convenient for removing labels, tapes, glues, chewing gum and even tar and tree sap.

Why is icky pic so hard to clean? It’s not — if you have the right icky pic solvent. The stuff is “icky” is because the gel is a petroleum-based, highly viscous fluid that resists water and weak solvents. You’ll find icky pic on all the cables that are engineered for outside plant, and they’re usually the stranded “loose tube” cables. By the way, in addition to be messy the gel is highly flammable. So getting a good solvent is a huge time-saver.

In addition to cleaning icky pic gel, the Sticklers™ cleaning pen frequently is found in datacom applications where removing identifying labels from racks and cable bundles can be a problem. It’s also used on installation trucks where techs are blowing fiber and splicing.

The tool is  leak-proof and spill-proof, which users appreciate. It only dispenses fluid when the tip is pressed on to a lint-free wipe or the surface to be cleaned. The package also eliminates issues from many less sophisticated products, such as spills, fumes and odors. The package is recyclable aluminum. Use with the Sticklers™ Benchtop CleanWipes.

Manufacturer: Sticklers