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Model#: MCC-POC03M

Stock#: MIC-POCO3M

UPC/GTIN/EIN: 783462000787

Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner



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Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner


  • Dissipates Static
  • Safe on Many Materials
  • Hermetically-Sealed Package

Sticklers' fiber optic splice and connector cleaner is the only optical-grade cleaning fluid on the market specifically engineered for fast, reliable, and low-cost cleaning of fiber optic network connectors, receptacle, and fiber. Use the Sticklers CleanStixx for greatly improved cleaning results. When used as a "wet-dry" cleaner, the Connector Cleaner dissipates the static that "locks" particulate on to end-faces, so it easily removes particulate, dust, and lint. More importantly, the dissipative property assures that a static charge will not be left on the connector which can re-attract airborne particulate. The Cleaner is safe on single-mode and multi-mode fiber as well as plastic optical fiber, connectors, plastic, glass, ceramics, metals, adhesives, epoxies, and most optical coatings. It also is used on lenses, mirrors, gratings, prisms, and displays. The canister won't leak or spill. Each canister features the orange Triton™ dispensing cap, so techs are able to spray the liquid, or dampen a cleaning stick, or wet a wipe, all from one easy-to-use, spill-proof package. Each time the canister is pumped, it applies just enough liquid to do the job so it is not wasteful like aerosols or solvent pooling dispensers.




Manufacturer: Sticklers
Weight: 0.85