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Indusco 3/8 Inch Zinc Plated Malleable Clips

Rock Exotica LC1 Enforcer Load Cell

PMI Bokat Rope Washer

PMI RC48014 Electric Hot Knife and Rope Cutter

PMI Rope Cordage Counter / Meter

Petzl Large Swivel

PMI Whip End Dip

Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash

Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash - Single Packet

Chicago 3/8 Inch Galvanized Wire Rope Clip

PMI Rope ID Kit

DBI-SALA Confined Space Tripod Pulley

PMI ID Shrink Tube

PMI Standard Bracket Cord Meter

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1-16 of 21

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Rope Cutters, Rope Meters, and Rope Wash

We say this a lot, but it’s true. Rope is a versatile tool and can be used for nearly every application on a job site. Some applications may be hard on a rope, or they may require a special length or specific modifications. That’s where our selection of rope accessories come into play. From manufacturers like Sterling, PMI, Rock Exotica, and Petzl, we’ve got the rope accessories you need to get the job done.

Our rope accessories include rope cutters, measuring meters, load cells, swivels, wire rope clips, end dip, and rope washing equipment. Rope washing is an important part of rope care. A dirty rope can cause issues and end up costing you more money in the long run. With rope wash and a rope washer, you can quickly remove dirt and debris from your rope. We’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to the importance of rope wash and how to properly wash for, care for, and inspect your rope. You can click here to check out that blog post.

If you’ve got questions about rope accessories, or you’re looking for something in particular, click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.