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Fire Rescue

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Yates 532 Big Wall Rescue and Safety Ladder

Storm Orange Personal Safety Whistle

Sterling Rope PDQ2 Tower Emergency Descent/Escape System

Falcon 5 Ounce Sonic Blast Horn

Yates Heavy Rescue Harness

SafEscape ELITE 50 Foot Rescue Device

Falcon Sonic Blast 5 Ounce Refill

Yates Rescue Clip with Extension Pole

Sterling Rope PDQ Raise and Rescue Kit

PMI Tower-Tek Rescue Solution

SKYLOTEC Conrest Rescue Kit

Sterling Rope F4 Tactical Response Kit

Kong Dancer Swivel

Kong Rolley

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1-16 of 23

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Fire Rescue Kits

While we would all like to think that accidents never happen and rescues never need to be performed, that isn’t the case. Accidents do happen and being prepared for whatever might arise and being ready to perform a rescue at a moments notice can be the difference between a bad situation gone worse and everyone going home at the end of the day.

GME Supply is your source for Sterling fire rescue kits. We keep fire rescue kits in stock at low prices. Browse our selection of fire rescue kits and rope, and contact us with any questions.

Not sure what you need for your next rescue or looking for something specific? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts® for more information.