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  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Quick-donning and easy to use
  • Fall indicator
  • Pre-assembled with connectors and positioning bars
  • Absorbs energy in the event of a fall
  • Excellent durability for intensive use

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The NEWTON FAST MEWP Kit provides a ready-to-use ANSI compliant fall protection solution for workers using a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), such as a boom lift, scissor lift, or bucket truck. It contains a NEWTON FAST fall arrest harness (size 1 or 2), a pre-assembled ABSORBICA-I VARIO adjustable fall arrest lanyard with two Bm’D connectors and two CAPTIV positioning bars, and a black BUCKET 15 bag. Installation is quick and easy; simply attach the carabiner on the shock-absorber end to the fall arrest attachment point on the NEWTON FAST harness, and the carabiner on the other end to the approved fall arrest anchor point in the MEWP.



  • The NEWTON FAST is a lightweight, ergonomic fall arrest harness that can be quickly donned. It is equipped with padded shoulder straps and FAST LT PLUS buckles on the leg loops, allowing the harness to be donned with both feet on the ground, without loss of adjustment. It features two dorsal attachment points and one sternal attachment point, and meets the ANSI Z359.11 standard and OSHA regulations.


  • The ABSORBICA-I VARIO adjustable lanyard comes pre-assembled with two Bm’D ANSI Z359.12 compliant connectors and two CAPTIV positioning bars, allowing it to meet the ANSI Z359.13 standard with no manual assembly required. The lanyard features the VARIO adjustment system, allowing the lanyard length to be adjusted (3 ft to 5 ft) in order to reduce potential fall height. The integrated compact energy absorber provides energy absorption in case of a fall and limits the arresting force on the worker, in accordance with the ANSI standard.


  • Storing and transporting the kit is made easy, thanks to the BUCKET 15 bag. Made with high-strength TPU tarp material, the BUCKET 15 is resistant to UV exposure, water, oil, grease, and high and low temperatures. It also features an external zippered pocket for personal items and a marking area on the outside for quick identification. 


    •  Lightweight, ergonomic design:
      • Anatomical design is close-fitting yet allows optimal freedom of movement
      • Textile sternal attachment point, lightweight and abrasion resistant
      • Anodized aluminum dorsal attachment point for great durability
      • Textile dorsal attachment point for attaching a self-retracting fall-arrest system
      • Padded shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing
    • Quick-donning and easy to use:
      • Harness dons with both feet on the ground using FAST LT PLUS buckles on the leg loops and sternal strap; these make it quick and easy to fasten and unfasten without loss of adjustment, even with gloves, and the unlocking system limits the risk of accidental unfastening
      • Shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick and easy adjustment
      • Two equipment loops and two slots for TOOLBAG tool pouch, for easy tool access
    • Fall indicator:
      • The NEWTON FAST features a fall indicator: a red strap appears after a fall on the sternal or dorsal attachment point to indicate that the harness should be retired
    • Certifications: CE EN 361, ANSI Z359.11, CSA Z259.10, EAC
  • ABSORBICA-I VARIO (assembled)
    •  Pre-assembled with connectors and positioning bars:
      • The ABSORBICA-I VARIO in the NEWTON FAST MEWP Kit comes pre-assembled with two Bm’D connectors with CAPTIV positioning bars on each connector, providing an ANSI Z395.13 compliant solution
    • VARIO adjustment system allows the lanyard length to be adjusted from 100 to 150 cm (3 ft to 5 ft) in order to reduce potential fall height
    • Absorbs energy in the event of a fall:
      • Tearing of the energy absorber webbing limits the impact force on the user
      • Works with users who weigh between 50 and 140 kg
      • Progressive tearing reduces the deceleration on lightweight users
    •  Minimal bulk:
      • Compact energy absorber facilitates handling
    • Durable fabric pouch with opening system at each end, protects the energy absorber from abrasion or contaminants while allowing for regular inspection of the absorber
    • Certifications: CE EN 355 when used with EN 362, ANSI Z359.13
  • BUCKET 15 (black)
    •  Freestanding bag:
      • 15 liters of volume easily stores a harness and lanyard
      • Two interior loops make it possible to attach a lanyard during storage
      • Roll top closure to provide optimal protection against moisture
      • Two large, comfortable handles for carrying by hand and hauling up to 50 kg
      • External zippered pocket for personal items
      • Marking area on the outside to quickly identify the contents of the bag
    • Excellent durability for intensive use:
      • High-strength TPU (PVC-free) tarp material for regular to intensive use
      • Resistant to UV exposure (doesn’t fade), oil, grease, and high and low temperatures
      •  Water-resistant fabric


  • The NEWTON FAST MEWP Kit meets OSHA fall protection regulations and ANSI Z359.11 and Z359.13 standards.


Manufacturer: Petzl