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Petzl I'D Large Self-Braking Rope Descender



Petzl I'D Large Self-Braking Rope Descender

**This product has been updated. Click here for the updated version.

The Petzl D200L0 I'D descender is a new type of descender along the lines of the Petzl Stop. It includes a mechanical clutch style braking system whereby a large handle is rotated in various orientations to control whether the unit is in descent, stopped, or complete lock-off. The I'D may also be used as a belay device or as a fixed brake lower. Click here to view the Petzl RIG Self-Braking Descender.



  • Self-braking descender belay device with anti-panic function
  • For descending a rope and for belaying, with an anti-panic function.
  • Anti-error safety catch to reduce the risk of an accident due to incorrect installation of the device on the rope. The shape of the cam is designed to improve rope glide when ascending.
  • Anti-panic function is engaged if the user pulls too strongly on the handle: brakes and stops the descent automatically
  • Locking position on the handle for positioning while on the rope.
  • Pivoting cam facilitates taking up the slack in the rope. Petzl ID can also be used to make a reversible haul system, and for short ascents (in conjunction with a FOOTPRO foot loop and an ASCENSION handled rope clamp)
  • For ropes between 11.5mm (.45") and 13mm (.51") in diameter.
  • Lowers heavy loads up to 600 lbs (only for expert users, consult the instructions for use of the device)
  • Certification: EN 341 classe A, CE EN 12841 type C, ANSI Z359.4, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, EAC
  • Individually tested
Manufacturer Petzl
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