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My-Te Max Electric Win Hoist

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My-Te Max Electric Winch Hoist

The leader of My-te’s Max Series, the 115V/230V AC36B has all the muscle you need for heavy-duty lifting in-house or out on the job site. With a powerful 3,000-lb single-line or 6,000-lb double-line lift capacity, it’s ideal for jobs that involve elevator installation or the lifting of heavy motors and equipment. For optimum safety, it also features a triple redundant braking system, positive load holding and cable tensionerMAX Electric Winch-Hoist.

Ideal for in-plant or field use, the AC36B is your heavy-duty powerhouse, built to move equipment or materials, lift motors and heavy apparatuses, and serve the likes of elevator installations and repair crews.


  • 15V brake motor
  • Worm gear reduction
  • Dynamic braking for instant stopping
  • Compact, heavy-duty construction
  • Low voltage 10′ pendant control
  • Cable tensioner for better cable tracking
  • 115V AC – Standard

Factory Installed Options:

  • 230V Single Phase Motor (771130)
  • Limit Switches (771091)
  • Upside Down Mount (771113)
  • Variable Speed (771310, 771320)
  • Freewheeling Clutch (771010)
  • Divided Drum (771150)
  • Cable Guide (771220)


Color: Blue
Country of Manufacture: United States
Industry: Construction
General Industry
Oil & Gas
Rope Access & Rescue
Tower Climbing
Tree Care
Wind Energy
Manufacturer: My-Te
Type: Corded