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Multiwave Smart Aligner Dish Bracket System



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Dish Bracket Horizontal Bar

Dish Bracket Mount (R

Multiwave Smart Aligner Dish Bracket (Replacement)

Strap Extender

Multiwave Smart Aligner Dish Bracket System

Dish Bracket Mount:

  • Attaches to Dish Bracket Horizontal Bar
  • Provides a mounting base for Tool
  • Tether included
  • Hex key included for assembly with directions

Dish Bracket Horizontal Bar:

  • Attaches to Dish Bracket Mount
  • Various sizes available for different dish diameters
  • Multiple Bars can be purchased

Available Bar Length Options:

  • DISHBRACKETHB2: 2’ bar for 1.5’- 2’ diameter dishes
  • DISHBRACKETHB3: 3’ bar for 1.5’- 4’ diameter dishes
  • DISHBRACKETHB4: 4’ bar for 1.5’- 8’ diameter dishes
  • DISHBRACKETHB6: 6’ bar for 1.5’- 16’ diameter dishes

Strap Extender

  • Nylon webbing strap used to expand the tether
The Multiwave Smart Aligner Dish Bracket System includes a Dish Bracket Mount and a Dish bracket Horizontal bar. The Horizontal Bar is available in different lengths to fit parabolic dishes 1.5' to 16' in diameter. This system is for use with dishes that have a symmetric face only, and the cover needs to be removed if the front face of the dish has a protruded cover.

Manufacturer: Multiwave Sensors
Weight: 2.65