Mobi-Lok Self Contained Vacuum Anchor System - General Industry 2200094

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Mobi-Lok Self Contained Vacuum Anchor System - General Industry 2200094

Mobi-Lok Self Contained Vacuum Anchors (SCVA's) were designed for personal fall protection systems for attachment to smooth, non-porous surfaces. The product includes a self-contained one-piece vacuum anchor assembly predominantly constructed of aluminum and a blended rubber or EPDM pad material. Models are available that allow the user to power off of shop air, a large capacity detached compressed gas bottle, or an on-board gas bottle.

The Mobi-Lok Provide a non-penetrating anchor point for fall arrest or restraint systems. Mobi-Lok can be used as an independent anchor point for one person, or as an end anchor for a two-person horizontal lifeline system.


  • Rated for fall arrest applications. Withstands the forces generated in stopping a falling person.
  • Non-penetrating anchor requires no drilling, welding or alteration to surface.
  • A lightweight, compact anchor is easy to carry, attaches to surface.
  • Built-in back-up features provide absolute safety.
  • Use as a single person anchor point or as a two-person horizontal lifeline end anchor (primary pad assembly and secondary pad assembly).
  • Complies with OSHA fall arrest system anchor point strength requirements.
  • Intrinsically safe electronics (Aviation Version).


  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Vacuum seal: General Industry - Natural rubber/polybutadiene blend and Aviation Industry - EPDM
  • Surface temperature range: -20 F to 140 F (-29 C to 60 C)
  • Ambient air temperature: -20 F to 115 F (-29 C to 49 C)
  • Surface area of pad assembly: 400 sq. inches (2500 sq cm)
  • Vacuum level: 20
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Manufacturer DBI Sala
Manufacturer Model 2200094
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