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GME Supply 9150 1/2 Inch Rope Deluxe Rescue Kit



Choose Your Descender

Choose Your Rope Length and Color

Chest Ascender (Included)

WestFall Pro Chest Ascender

Westfall Pro 7400 Steel Carabiners (Included)

WestFall Pro 7400 4-7/8 x 3-1/8 Inch Steel Carabiner x 4

Sling (Included)

Sterling anCORE Sling-36 inches

Adjustable Pick-Off Strap (Included)

PMI Easy Pick-Off Strap

Westfall Pro 7410 Steel Carabiner (Included)

WestFall Pro 7410 4-1/16 x 2-1/8 Inch Steel Carabiner

Rope Bag (Included)

Petzl Rope Bucket-35 Liters-Red

Shears (Included)

First Aid Only Titanium Bonded Shears

Haul Kit (Included)

Rock Exotica P41KIT AZTEK Compact System

GME Supply 9150 Deluxe Rescue Kit

Climb Higher with the GME Supply 9150 Deluxe Kit featuring a 4:1 and 5:1 mechanical advantage and your choice of components from leading manufacturers. This rescue kit is designed for emergency pick-offs and rescues. The 9150 Rescue Kit includes top rescuing gear at a discounted price to save you time and money. 

Kit Includes:

Available Upgrades

Manufacturer: GME Supply