Gas Clip Multi Gas Detector Wall Mount Dock

May 2019

Gas Clip Multi Gas Detector Wall Mount Dock

Gas Clip Multi Gas Detector Wall Mount Dock

The Gas Clip Technologies MGC Dock is an all-in-one stand-alone docking station that can be mounted on your wall. Designed for maximum testing efficiency and portability, it tests up to four units simultaneously, reducing the testing time and gas usage. With only two buttons, it’s simple to train workers how to use it for regular bump tests, occasional calibrations, or to deactivate detectors. Logs are stored on a USB flash drive which can easily be transferred to a computer for analysis.

In addition to performing tests, unit configurations and firmware updates, the MGC Dock also stores important information about both the docking station and units tested. All tests performed on the docking station can be accessed from either the USB directly or using the GCT Manager software. Each bump test and calibration event is recorded and logged by date, time and serial number. Along with the test records, the individual event logs from each unit are saved. At the time of the test, the detector transmits its’ event log to the memory. By default, the station will save the previous 10 event logs



  • Test 4 units at one time, up to 12 instruments in a minute
  • Easy 1 button operation
  • Robust rechargeable internal battery, up to 1500 tests before recharging
  • Internal gas cylinder regulator and pressure gauge
  • USB flash memory for bump test and event log storage
  • Optional unit configuration and firmware updates via GCT Manager Software
  • Wall Mount Dock case
  • No computer required to operate
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Manufacturer Gas Clip Technologies
Manufacturer Model MGC-DOCK-WM
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