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Model#: C-PK-24-020

Stock#: C-PK-24-020


First Aid Only Eye Wash Solution, Screw Top

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First Aid Only Eye Wash Solution, Screw Top


  • Bottle of sterile isotonic buffered solution for washing, flushing, and irrigating the eyes and skin.
  • Helps to clear eyes of foreign material such as dust, pollen, and chemicals and to relieve itching and burning.
  • Plastic squeeze bottle and nozzle help create a fluid stream to direct solution into the affected areas.

Sterile isotonic buffered solution for flushing or irrigating the eyes. Eye Flushing Solution for Irrigating the Eyes. A sterile isotonic buffered solution is perfect for flushing or aerating the eyes or skin. The option between a 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottles gives you the flexibility to tailor your emergency solutions. Keep a 4-ounce bottle in the pocket and an 8-ounce at an emergency station.

Manufacturer: First Aid Only