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FieldSENSE FS60 5G Personal RF Monitor

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FieldSENSE FS60 5G Personal RF Monitor

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  • 5G Ready
  • Frequency Range 50MHz - 60 GHz
    • H Field | 50 MHz to 1 GHz
    • E Field | 50 MHz to 60 GHz
  • Assesses Multi-Frequency and Multi-Source conditions
  • Improved Buzzer
  • LEDs visible in direct sunlight
  • Data Logging and Voice recorder
  • Redesigned one-handed operation harness strap

The fieldSENSE now in its third generation has a proven track record of ensuring on-site employee safety. The fieldSENSE60 is specifically designed with the RF climber in mind – whether working in the nearfield of a broadcast system or in the far-field of a 5G system, exposure is correctly assessed and a warning is sounded, should the levels approach and exceed the occupational health & safety limits. The device can be attached to a special harness-attachment mechanism to ensure it cannot be dropped, yet still within hearing range of the buzzer in the event of a warning.

Designed for climbers with a fall-detect alarm system, improved one-handed operation, and data logging an voice recording for hands-free note-taking. The quick and easy harness attachment mechanism has been completely redesigned to include a coiled lanyard system. The lanyard system facilitates the smooth handling of the device during operations while still remaining visible and audible. The device furthermore has a fall detection system that triggers an alarm in the event of a climber falling or getting knocked unconscious so avoiding the risks of suspension trauma.

FieldSENSE FS60 is a step up in the personal RF monitor field. Designed for protecting personnel working around broadcasting and telecommunication arrays including 5G updates. The maximized frequency range from 50 MHz to 60 GHz, the FieldSENSE FS60 measures both E and H fields. One major improvement with the fieldSENSE60 is the upgraded frequency range which now includes coverage from broadcast FM to millimeter-wave 5G systems of up to 60 GHz. The fieldSENSE60 architecture is specifically designed to ensure safety from RF exposure whether in the near field of the antenna such as around FM broadcast systems or the far-field around higher-frequency systems right up to 5G and beyond.

The fieldSENSE60 automatically logs all data, which means from the moment it is switched on, it logs data every second. The device has a voice-note option in the event that a climber is on-site and needs to record a voice note. It only requires a simple and quick double-tap to switch to audio mode. These voice notes can be downloaded together with the data logs using a USB connection.

Frequency Response to ICNIRP (1998), FCC (NCRP) OET65 (1997), Canada Safety Code 6 (2015)





Battery Type: AAA (3)
Country of Manufacture: South Africa
Frequency Range: 50MHZ - 60GHZ
Industry: Tower Climbing
Manufacturer: fieldSENSE USA