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FAA In-Service Orange Color Range Chart

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FAA In-Service Orange Color Range Chart

FCC Rules and Regulations Part 17 as well as corresponding FAA rules require that towers be painted a specific, highly conspicuous orange color. To assist with compliance of these regulations, a chart was conceived which displays the permissible color range of the orange deviations from the standard.

By visually comparing the chart to the tower by way of the window on each page, one can determine whether it is necessary to repaint the tower or obstruction to bring the markings back into compliance. The chart is comprised of 18 technically matched color blocks which represent the minimum and maximum color saturation, as well as limits for lightness, darkness, redness and yellowness compliances. For reference purposes, the Federally specified source technical data and supplementary information are included on the charts.

Requirement for this orange color chart is contained in FAA A/C 70/7460-1K, Obstruction Marking and Lighting. See chapter 2, section 32.

These color requirements are contained in the National Bureau of Standards Report NBSIR 75-663, Color Requirements for the Marking of Obstructions, by R.L. Booker.

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