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FAA A0 Light System, OL2V Incandescent, L810 Steady Burning Double Obstruction Light

Status: Available


FAA A0 Light System, OL2V Incandescent, L810 Steady Burning Double Obstruction Light

FAA A0 Double Obstruction Lighting system, complete with OL2V Incandescent Low-Intensity type L810 steady burning double obstruction light, Alarmed controller with photocell and form "C" dry contact alarms, 200' of cabling and all miscellaneous installation hardware. Made in Houston, Tx.

FAA approved for multiple applications, including towers up to 150’ above ground level (AGL) in accordance with the Federal Advisory Circular 70/7460-1K.  Two (2) obstruction lights (One SL-2 or two SL-1) should be mounted at the top of the structure. A photoelectric controller by-pass switch (SW1) can be used to simulate the photoelectric controller function in the daylight to turn the controller on without covering the photoelectric controller.    Each obstruction light requires (1) 116 watt, 120V bulb (116A21TS). The use of any other bulb may cause a false light out alarm or may not comply with the FAA requirements.  Specialty Tower Lighting, Ltd. recommends that the light bulbs of the same rating should be used for proper operation.  Power requirement for the system: 120VAC, 60Hz (Standard). Also available in 240VAC, 60Hz, 115VAC, 50Hz, 230VAC, 50Hz.

Manual and complete bill of materials is available upon request.

  • Resistant to heavy rain or storms and corrosion.
  • Resistant to shock and vibration.


  • ETL certified to FAA (AC-150/5345-43F)
  • 2 year warranty (excluding bulbs).
  • Applications: Towers, chimneys, bridges, buildings and other structures.
  • Aluminum base (no plastic).
  • Price includes bulbs.

• Technical service available 24/365.
• The use of non-OEM parts will void warranty.

Manufacturer Specialty Tower Lighting