Ergodyne Squids Cell Phone Tool Tethering Kit

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Ergodyne Squids Cell Phone Tool Tethering Kit

Ergodyne Squids Cell Phone Tool Tethering Kit


  • Water-resistant phone pouch that fits up to 4.5in W x 9.5in H // 11.5cm W x 24cm H
  • Includes coil tool lanyard that supports up to 2lbs of weight
  • Coil stretches from 12in to 48in | 30cm to 122cm

The Squids Cell Phone Tool Tethering Kit includes a 3156 Coil Tool Lanyard with Single Carabiner and one 3760 Water Resistant Phone Pouch & Trap – Plus Size 4.5in W x 9.5in H // 11.5cm W x 24cm H. This tool tethering kit allows you to tether one standard or plus-sized cell phone weighing up to 1lbs / 0.5kg, making it easy to carry and use your cell phone on the job while preventing dropped objects when working at heights.

The Coil Tool Lanyard is more than just a small tool and hard hat lanyard. Built and tested to endure tough conditions and rated to support weight up to 2lbs / 0.9kg, the coiled lanyard is made with a low-profile design and durable plastic. With the lightweight aluminum carabiner on one end and a tethering loop on the other, it easily connects to tool anchors and attachments, even while wearing gloves. The coiled tether design reduces lanyard length to prevent snag and tangle hazards. The coil stretches from a compact 12in to 48in / 30cm to 122 cm.

The cell phone pouch is made of a clear touchscreen material that provides protection while still allowing touchscreen use and access to both the front and rear cameras of smartphones. The heavy-duty, easy-to-use zipper closure system safely secures the device inside the cell phone holder. There is a steel grommet/ring on the bottom to attach the compact Coil Tool Lanyard for a complete tethering system. The sides of the smartphone pouch are made of heavy-duty, water-resistant reinforced tarpaulin, making it perfect for the harshest work environments. The smartphone sleeve is also great for protecting your phone from rain, snow, dirt, dust, and sand while at the beach, boating, fishing, water-theme parks, camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 cell phone touchscreen material pouch
  • 1 coil tool lanyard
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SKU ED-19665
Country of Manufacture China
Manufacturer Ergodyne
Manufacturer Model 19665
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