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Model#: C-DN-30006

Stock#: C-DN-30006


Dillon 5 Inch AP Dynamometer

Multiple Options Available

$1,250.00 to $1,837.99

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Capacity x Division Size *

Dillon 5 Inch AP Dynamometer

The Dillon 5 Inch AP Dynamometer features a 5 in. dial and offers limitless versatility as a tension and weight measuring instrument. Use this dynamometer for suspended weighing mounting cables for bridges, adjusting tension on guy wires, and field testing chain, rope, and wire, or anything else requiring precision force or tension measurement. Each 5 in. AP Dynamometer comes with standard size shackles and pins and includes a rugged ABS plastic carrying case with foam inserts. 


  • Broadest range of capacities and resolutions are certain to fit your needs
  • Large safety factor for overload protection and long life
  • No batteries required
  • Dial size choice for the best in portability or visibility
  • Anti-parallax dial and pointer produce accurate readings from any perspective
  • Maximum hand retains peak load point and is easily reset
  • High strength case resists heavy blows
  • Generous shackle openings mate with most hooks and hardware
  • Off set load beam eases tension measurement


  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of capacity
  • Temperature Range: -50° to 140° F | -45° to 60° C
  • Pressure bar: High-grade E4340 alloy steel or 7075-T651 aluminum
  • Shackles: A4140 forged steel (machined from E4340 steel)
  • Shackle pins: Machined from E4340 steel
  • Case Housing: high strength composite plastic case
  • Pressure bar protected with durable powder coat paint
  • Shackles and pins are electroless nickel plated
  • All integral machining and fasteners are produced from noncorrosive materials or have suitable plating

Available Options: ** Capacity x Dvision Size

  • 500 lbs x 5 (30006-0019)
  • 1,000 lbs x 10 (30006-0027)
  • 2,000 lbs x 20 (30006-0035)
  • 4,000 lbs x 25 (30006-0043)
  • 5,000 lbs x 50 (30006-0050)
  • 8,000 lbs x 50 (30006-0076)
  • 10,000 lbs x 100 (30006-0084)
  • 15,000 lbs x 100 (30006-0092)
  • 20,000 lbs x 200 (30006-0100)

Manufacturer: Dillon