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Anritsu Calibration Kit Male, DC to 8GHz

On The Way Arrives Between May 13 and Jun 09


Anritsu Calibration Kit Male, DC to 8GHz


  • Wide operating temperature
  • Single Component providing full open, short and load reflection standards for accurate measurements
  • 50-ohm Impedance
  • The recommended calibration interval is 1 year

This Anritsu Calibration Kit Male, DC to 8GHz kit has been designed to provide superior measurement results when used with precision instruments. It is designed for use in both field and lab environments. It is a high precision component and should be handled with proper care. Excessive shock, torque, or power should be avoided to prevent permanent damage. Open and Short Phase and DC Resistance specifications are typical. Phase is measured as a deviation from the model defined by offset length and inductance or capacitance.

Attachment: Screw On
Industry: Utility
Tower Climbing
Manufacturer: Anritsu