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Model#: C-AS-TRS209PTM

Stock#: C-AS-TRS209PTM


Accuform Signs Scaffold Status Tag

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Accuform Signs Scaffold Status Tag

With the Accuform Signs Scaffold Status Tags, you will be able to show your workers if they can or can not use the scaffolding, if certain tie-offs are required, and what the weight capacity of the scaffolding is. Made of flexible, durable polyethylene, they can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are ideal for indoor or outdoor use as they are water-resistant, and have a 3/8" hole reinforced with a metal grommet to prevent being pulled-off the scaffolding. They have a writable surface that is abrasion-resistant They come in three different colors, each representing a different scaffold situation. 

Red informs personnel about the hazards that may occur due to incompletely scaffolding, that fall protection is required, and can identify hazards from incomplete scaffolding. 

Yellow informs personnel that there needs to be cautious while on the scaffolding to make sure they are safe. It identifies modifications that have been to the scaffolds, and features date and signature boxes to indicate inspections by authorized personnel. 

Green establishes to personnel that it is a safe work environment, how much weight can be put on the scaffold, and the weight needed to balance the scaffolding. 


  • 3/8" hole with reinforced metal grommet to ensure longevity
  • Writable, abrasion-resistant surface
  • Made of flexible, durable polyethylene
  • Can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are water-resistant for use in any conditions
  • 5.75" x 3.25"

Available Options:

  • Red Tag
    • 5 Pack (AS-TRS320PTM)
    • 25 Pack (AS-TRS320PTP)
  • Yellow Tag
    • 5 Pack (AS-TRS208PTM)
    • 25 Pack (AS-TRS208PTP)
  • Green Tag
    • 5 Pack (AS-TRS209PTM)
    • 25 Pack (AS-TRS209PTP)

Manufacturer: Accuform Signs
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