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Model#: SL-R60S

Stock#: 3S-SL-R60S


3S Lift SL-R60S Guiderail Fall Arrester



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  • Mounted to Safety Guide Rail
  • Energy Absorber
  • Anti-Inversion Design
  • Attachment at Any Position
  • Comfortable and Convenient Use
  • Secondary Locking Mechanism

The 3S Lift SL-R60S Guiderail Fall Arrester moves smoothly as you travel along the guide rail. It features a corrosion and abrasion-resistant construction making it suitable for deployment in demanding conditions, both on and offshore. It can be attached and removed at any position on the rail and also features an anti-inversion design, which prevents incorrect operation.


  • Mounted to Safety Guide Rail: The SL-R60S is attached to the ladder-mounted safety guide rail, slides along the rail, and engages automatically in the event of a fall.
  • Energy Absorber: To dampen the impact when falling, the SL-R60S features an energy absorber. This further improves safety while making the system more comfortable for the user. The SL-R60S comes with 2 separate energy absorbers, ensuring excellent performance.
  • Anti-Inversion Design: The intuitive design only allows installation in one direction, thus preventing operator error.
  • Attachment at Any Position: The SL-R60S can be attached and removed at any position on the guide rail.
  • Comfortable and Convenient Use: The SL-R60S is designed to be particularly comfortable and convenient by smoothly tracking the climber’s movement while moving along the guide rail and requiring no manual tugging.
  • Secondary Locking Mechanism: The SL-R60S offers an added level of safety by providing a secondary locking mechanism in addition to the primary one.
  • Certifications: Our Fall Protection Systems are CE certified and also comply with the European EN353-1 and EU/2016/425 standards. The SL-R50E Fall Arrester is also UL-certified and complies with ANSI Z359.16 and CSA Z259.2.4. The SL-R60S complies with ANSI Z359.16, ANSI A14.3, CAN/CSA Z259.2.4, and AS/NZS 1891.3.


Weight: 1.70